Licence & Trademark


LICENCE: To run a business in Singapore, you may require a licence depending on the business purpose. The following contains important information regarding licences

1. Foodshop Licence

  • Purpose: operation of a restaurant or cafe where there are retail sales of food and/or beverage.
  • Government Agency: SFA (Singapore Food Agency)
  • Required documents: 
    • ACRA business certificate (BizFile)
    • CorpPass
    • Scaled Floor Plan
    • Tenancy Agreement
    • Planning Permission from URA
    • Cleaning Program
    • Pest Control Contract
    • Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

2. Liquor Licence

  • Purpose: operation of a restaurant, bar, or cafe that sells liquor on its premises.
  • Government Agency: SPF(Singapore Police Force)
  • Required Documents
    • ACRA business certificate (BizFile)
    • CorpPass
    • Planning Permission from URA

3. SFA Licence

  • Purpose: importation of food or kitchen utensils
  • Government Agency:  SFA (Singapore Food Agency)
  • Type of licence: 
    • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
    • Meat and Fish Products
    • Processed food Products and Food Appliance
  • Required Documents 
    • ACRA business certificate (BizFile)
    • CorpPass 
    • Application form for GIRO:  Corporate Account Information, Bank Signature 

4. BCA Licence

  • Purpose: participation in government implementation, public sector construction, or request(s) from the main contractor, even for non-public construction
  • Government Agency: BCA (Building and Construction Authority)
  • Type of Licence: various type and level depending on construction
    • Construction Workheads (CW)
    • Construction Related Workheads (CR)
    • Mechanical & Electrical Workheads (ME)
    • Maintenance Workheads (MW)
    • Trade Heads (TR)
    • Supply Heads (SY)
    • Regulatory Workheads (RW)
  • Qualifications
    • Track Record
    • Paid-up Capital
    • Net Assets
    • Professionals: college major, work experience, completion of BCAs training

5. Cosmetic product licence

  • Purpose: supply and sales of cosmetics in Singapore must notify agency (no licence required)
  • Government Agency: HSA (Health Sciences Authority)
  • Reporting information:
    • Distribution company
    • Import company
    • Manufacturing Company
    • Warehouse
    • Product: brand name, product name, product type, ingredients 

6. Trademark

  • Government agency: IPOS (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore)
  • Processing (about 6 months)
    • Registration 
    • Approval of letter in 7 days
    • Post in the Trade Markets Journal for 2 months after 4 months of pendency period 
    • Complete registration if no objection is made during posting period
  • Requirement 
    • Determining whether it is a trademark of goods or services
    • Classification of goods
    • Classification_of_Goods_and_Services.pdf
    • Information about registrants or the company
      • Name and address of registrant or company
      • Contract person’s name, address, phone number, and email address
    • Descriptions for abbreviation of trade mark, provide design file 
    • Priority assertion: document that proves trademark is registered in other countries (registration date maximum 6 months ahead)