Legal & Contract

Lee Kim Alliance (Legal Counsel for the Korean Association and the Korean Embassy in Singapore) provides one-stop solutions for legal issues via its network of Singapore-based lawyers, accountants, and tax and real estate experts.
We promise to provide affordable, accurate and prompt legal consultations from top experts in law, taxation, real estate, and finance.

1. Corporation

  • Legal counsel for establishment and operation of corporation 
  • Consultation on the composition of the board of directors, general meeting of shareholders and corporate governance structure
  • Legal consultant on venture business and special purpose companies
  • Registration of company establishment registration and other commercial registration(s); asset transaction registration 
  • Legal advisory on liquidation and bankruptcy of corporations

2. Foreign Investment

  • Legal advice on foreign exchange transaction law
  • Consultation on foreign investment and establishment of overseas branch

3. Real Estate

  • Legal advice on real estate transactions
  • Legal advisory on real estate investment
  • Review contract 

4. Tax & Customs

  • Legal advice on corporate tax, personal income tax, double taxation, etc.
  • Consultation on M & A of companies
  • Review, plan and check taxation strategy
  • Corporate tax consultation for foreign corporations