■  Introduction

LEE KIM Consulting is one of the largest professional consulting companies in Southeast Asia. We believe that customers' work is my job, and we are fully satisfied with our customers. 

We provide total consulting services from top to bottom, including the establishment of company / branch offices of more than 1,000 Korean companies (more than 150 listed companies), accounting, taxation, legal, visa / immigration, licensing and other consulting services. We provide fast, accurate and reliable services that are linked to one to the other

LEE KIM Consulting provides legal taxation, finance, investment, accounting consulting and legal services for companies by linking financial accounting, taxation, and legal affairs with other 10 countries around Singapore.

■ CEO’s Credentials

  • Chairman of Hanulso (CCA), representative of Great Human Software
  • 15 years’ experience of operating Global company in Korea, USA (Silicon Valley) and Japan (Tokyo)
  • Samsung C & T (Head Office) New Business Development Team Manager
  • Samsung C & T Singapore Branch New Business Development, Global Corporate Investment Corporation Representative

  • Representative of LEE KIM Consulting
  • Representative of ICO SG
  • Vice Chairman of Korean association of Singapore
  • Auditor of Korea International School Singapore
  • 6 years of working experience in US and 14 years in Singapore
  • Hold Singapore Professional Licence and MOM Full Licence
  • One Presidential Award, One Prime Ministerial Award, Four Ministerial Awards

■ CEO’s Greeting

Since 2008, we have been working hard towards delivering 100% customers satisfaction with the belief that we think and deal with customer’s business. 

We have been providing services related to incorporation, finance, accounting, tax and legal consulting for many companies based on experience with global companies and business experience in Korea, USA, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar with over 1,000 Singapore clients. 

We have been providing 50 free legal services every year through Korean associations, embassies and other organizations, and experience in various lawsuits and company-related consulting activities as a chairperson of the legal affairs section of the Korean society. It is rewarding to be one of the largest consulting firms in Singapore. 

It has been our greatest motivation to watch our customers and employees grow every year. 

We will continue to do our best to grow together with our customers and we will provide the best in class service with the competitive price and the expectation. We are going to try to grow with our customers continuously more and more.

Thank you.
Ken Lee