Accounting & Taxation

1. Bookkeeping

  • Manage monthly purchase, sales, and invoice
  • Make financial statements and income statement by quarter and year
  • Compilation of financial report by year
  • Consolidation of balance sheet between branch and head office

2. Corporate & Personal Tax Planning and Filing

  • Tax Computation & Form C-S/C Submission
  • Estimated Chargeable Income report
  • GST (VAT) registration and quarterly report 
  • Registration of PIC (Productivity & Innovation Credit) Claim and request for additional IRAS materials
  • Withholding Tax Report, IR37 Submission, execute payment
  • Certificate of residence submission
  • Dormant application submission
  • Personal income tax filing report

3. Audit

  • Audit Firm 
  • Accounting audit support
  • Provide audit report
  • Outlet closing related sales audit
  • Make and report XBRL after audit

4. Consulting

  • Consultation on tax treaties between Singapore and other countries for double taxation 
  • Consultation on transfer price
  • Tax consultation for non-residents under the Korean Income Tax Law

5. Korea National Tax Services

  • Overseas local corporation statement (corporation tax law enforcement regulations) preparation agency
  • Establishment of overseas subsidiaries' financial statements (corporate tax law enforcement regulations)
  • Preparation of international trade specifications (Enforcement Rule of the International Coordination Law)
  • Loss transaction statement (corporation tax law enforcement regulations) preparation agency